Welcome to BonCulina!

Meals prepared with love

Our recipes are developed and prepared by professional chefs and dietitians so that you get a varied, nutritious and tasty diet. All dishes are delivered in the award-winning packaging Torus Pak, which means that the food is as beautifully presented on the plate as if it were served in a restaurant.

Natural durability through cryogenic freezing

With the help of liquid nitrogen at -80 ° C, the food is frozen quickly without forming ice crystals as with traditional freezing methods. This means that taste, texture and nutrients are preserved without additives and preservatives.

Ingredients from the world's cuisine

Our idea is to serve well-cooked dishes with a nutritious content at an attractive price. To succeed, we choose both British and foreign raw materials according to season, quality and cost. If we were to choose only Swedish raw materials, we would not be able to meet the price level that our customers demand.

Meat from certified suppliers

Our meat comes from certified farms and suppliers. This means that all meat in our dishes has been inspected, regardless of whether it is farmed animals or game. The certification also guarantees that our meat has been produced in accordance with current legal requirements for hygiene, animal husbandry and traceability.

About our environmental impact

We attach great importance to minimizing the environmental impact of our dishes. That is why our climate-smart packaging is developed to be recyclable. By cooking in large volumes and serving reasonably large, nutritionally calculated portions, we also reduce food waste at each stage. Although we care about the environment, we can not only choose organic ingredients, as our goal is to serve good, nutritious and affordable food. However, it is important to remember that all organic food is not automatically better for the environment. For example, most vegetables have a smaller climate footprint than organic meat, regardless of how they are produced. Therefore, a good way to reduce the food’s environmental impact is to choose more food from the plant kingdom.