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Questions about food

All of our dishes are prepared from fresh ingredients in catering kitchens by chefs who specialize in working with nutritious and healthy food. By cooking in larger kitchens, we can ensure an even quality and take responsibility for a safe cooking. All our dishes are approved by a nutritionist who ensures that each dish has the right number of calories and nutritional values adapted for a healthy life.

The ingredients for each dish are registered on the food packaging labels and can also be found here on the website under each dish’s product page.

Our idea is to serve well-prepared dishes with a nutritious content at an attractive price. To achieve this, we pick up not only products and ingredients from UK, but from around the world, and select what ends up on the plate according to season, quality, and cost. If we were only to use British ingredients, we would not be able to meet the price level that our customers demand.

Our meat comes from certified suppliers. This means that all meat in our dishes have been inspected, whether it is reared animals or game. The certification also ensures that our meat is produced in accordance with current legal requirements for hygiene, animal welfare and safety.

Since we must serve good, nutritious, and affordable food, we cannot only choose organic suppliers. This does not mean that we ignore the environmental benefits of food, but we also know that not all organic food is automatically climate smart. For example, most vegetables have a smaller carbon footprint than organic meat, regardless of how they are produced. This is a good way to reduce the environmental impact of food to choose more food from the plant kingdom.

Frozen food has many different benefits. By freezing the meals immediately after cooking, the quality of the food is preserved. For the best quality of the meal, we use cryogenic freezing, which means that the meal is frozen in just a few seconds. Raw materials and vitamins are kept intact and stay fresh and flavorful until it’s time to enjoy the meal.

Food that is frozen has a longer shelf life than chilled food, which gives the freedom to choose the dish according to today’s wishes, instead of adapting to a shelf-life date. Since meals last longer in the freezer, it also means you can store them for longer in your home reducing the impact on the environment with unnecessary deliveries whilst also decreasing your food waste.

We all have different taste buds and preferences when it comes to food and what is delicious, but we have done our utmost to offer a good meal with high quality. Before our dishes reach the market, they must, first, be approved by our Food Council, which consists of different professions within the food industry. Participants in the Food Council review and sample the dishes based on a number of different categories including taste, texture and appearance. For us it is of the utmost importance that the dishes served by BonCulina are tasty and provide an enjoyable meal!

The dishes should always be heated in their packaging and in a microwave or a commercial and domestic oven at no more than 115 degrees in the oven. Before placing the dish in the microwave oven, the upper film must be perforated, preferably with a fork in three different places.

When the food is heated, place the food package on a plate. Only when it is firmly on the plate can the bottom film be pulled away with the help of the draw strip and the meal then ends up directly on the plate.

The exact instructions for how each meal should be prepared can be found on the instructions you have received with your delivery and can also be found here on the website under each meal product page.

All BonCulina dishes are expertly prepared and reviewed by nutritionists to follow the UK Nutrition Recommendations.

All our packages are filled with a range of meals we hope you will enjoy! Although it is not possible to change the contents of the finished packages, you are able to create and personalise your own as desired. Simply browse our wide selection of meals and chose a minimum of 12 dishes to create your own package. 

Yes! BonCulina’s range offers a large variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes to choose from. Just select the Vegetarian or Vegan category on Choose your meal page.

Yes! BonCulina’s range offers a large number of lactose-free dishes to choose from. Under each product page you can look under the tab “ALLERGENS” and “INGREDIENTS” to see if the meal suits you or not.

Yes! BonCulina’s range offers a large number of gluten-free dishes to choose from. Under each product page you can look under the tab “ALLERGENS” and “INGREDIENTS” to see if the meal suits you or not.

Each meal is calculated for one person. Under the tab “NUTRITIONAL VALUE” on the product page you will find the size of the meal in grams.

Questions about the delivery

Our minimum order is 6 meals. The delivery cost if you order less than 12 meals is £ 2.99. If you order 12 meals or more, the delivery is free! 

If you order before 14.00, the order is packed and shipped within 1 or 2 days, depending on where you live. If you order after 14.00, the order is packed and shipped within 2 or 3 days, depending on where you live. 

Please enter your post code on products pages or during checkout to know when you will receive your order!

We deliver to all of mainland Great Britain. 

Please enter your postcode on products pages or during checkout to know when you will receive your order!

Since we deliver frozen food, we recommend that you are at home to receive the delivery. As soon as the food is received, it should be placed in the freezer as soon as possible. However, we will leave the food outside the door at the agreed delivery date if the driver thinks it is safe to do so. So, if you are not at home at the time of delivery, the package is left outside the door. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you enter a cash code if you live in an apartment building. If you know you won’t be at home, you can also leave a note to the driver to tell him he can leave the food by the neighbour.

Delivery will take place between 08:00-18:00 on the specified delivery date.  You will get a notification on the day your order is on the way, and you will also get a 1 hour time slot on the morning of delivery. A few moments before the delivery, the driver will send you a text message where you can follow your particular driver and delivery in real time.

After placing your order, meals are packed in our freezer warehouse and then transported to your home with the help of our logistics partner DPD.

The food is delivered in our own freezer packaging that keeps the dishes frozen throughout the transport chain and all the way to your door. However, it is always important to put your meals in the freezer as soon as possible when you receive your delivery.

When the order is packed, you will be notified by the warehouse when your delivery will arrive at your address. You then have the option to adjust the date. In circumstances where  no one  is  at  home,  the driver  will, according  to  our  conditions, leave  the delivery  outside  your  door (if it is safe to do so. No packages will be returned to our warehouse but are always left outside the door if you are not at home.

 Please note that the responsibility for the goods will be transferred to you as a consignee as soon as they have been delivered and that the food should be placed in the freezer as soon as possible.

The driver can only deliver the goods to the address indicated at the time of placing the order and unfortunately has no possibility of changing his route. Therefore, make sure that the information provided at the checkout is correct as we can not be responsible if the delivery is sent to an incorrect address. Contact our customer service directly if necessary.

When the order is out for delivery a text message is sent to the mobile number that you entered at checkout when the order was placed. The text message contains a link where you can follow the delivery directly on your mobile and see when the driver is expected to arrive.

Questions about payment

On our website you can pay with credit and debit cards, through our payment solution Pay360.

Questions about Sorting At source

Our dishes are delivered in Torus Pak, which is designed to make it easy to put the food on the plate. It is also easy to sort at source – simply see the directions on our packaging for recycling.

A Meal for A Meal

A Meal for A Meal is a charity project based on BonCulina matching each BonCulina dish served with a corresponding goal to a needy child in Africa. The initiative helps to ensure that more children in poor African countries receive a proper meal a day and thus have better living standards and continuity in their nutritional intake. This affects their schooling and opportunities for a more equal society. Read more about A Meal for a Meal here.

Every time a meal from BonCulina is served, you automatically contribute to a school child.


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