Do you have questions or concerns about your order, our food or how to place your order? The fastest way to get an answer to your question is to look in our FAQ below. You can also contact us via the chat in the bottom right corner or via email or phone.

Questions about the meals

All our dishes are prepared from fresh ingredients in kitchens by chefs who specialize in working with nutritious and healthy food. All our dishes are approved by a nutritionist who ensures that each dish has the right number of calories and nutritional values adapted for a balance healthy diet.

All our ingredients and meat are sourced from carefully approved and certified suppliers. The certifications are in accordance with current legal requirements for hygiene, animal welfare and safety.

Frozen food has many different benefits. By freezing the meals immediately after cooking, the quality of the food is preserved. Raw materials and vitamins are kept intact and stay fresh and flavorful until it’s time to enjoy the meal.

Food that is frozen has a longer shelf life than other options, which gives the freedom to enjoy meals whenever you like. Since meals last longer in the freezer, it also opens up the possibility of storing more than one week in the home, reducing the number of deliveries and reducing food waste and our environmental impact

For best results we recommend microwaving your meal. However to oven cook Pre heat fan oven 115° max Cooking time |  45-55 min and check food is piping hot before serving. Please check the label of the meal for exact cooking guidelines.

Questions about the delivery

Yes as good as! But you will be able to check this at checkout. 

We recommend you are at home to receive the delivery so the meals can be placed straight in the freezer. But it’s no problem if you’re out! When you place your order, you will be asked where to leave your box if you’re not in. 


Please note that the responsibility for the goods will be transferred to you as a consignee as soon as they have been delivered and that the food should be placed in the freezer as soon as possible. 

We are not responsible for incorrect delivery address. Therefore, check very carefully that the delivery details are correct before the order is confirmed. Contact our customer service directly if necessary.

The delivery times vary each day between 8am to 6pm on your specified delivery date. You will receive a notification on the day of delivery which will indicate a time slot.

After placing your order, meals are packed in our freezer warehouse and then transported to your home with the help of our logistics partner DPD.

The food is delivered in our own insulated packaging that keeps the dishes frozen throughout the transport chain and all the way to your door. However, it is always important to place your meals in the freezer as soon as you receive your delivery.

Questions about Recycling

Our dishes are delivered in Torus Pak, which is designed to make it easy to serve the meal straight on the plate. The plastic in the Torus Pak tray contains one of the most widely recyclable plastics, just place in your local recycling bin. 

A Meal for A Meal

A Meal for A Meal is a social charity initiative; for every meal of BonCulina that is sold a meal is contributed to a child in need in Africa. The initiative helps to ensure that more children in poor African countries receive a proper meal a day and thus have better living standards and nutritional intake. Read more about A Meal for a Meal here.


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