Chickpea Balti

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Mildly spiced chickpea curry with yellow rice and lightly spiced bombay potatoes

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Nutritional value

Serving size: 360 g


Chickpea Balti (56%), Yellow Rice (30%) And Bombay Potatoes (14%). Chickpea Balti Contains Tomatoes (13%), Water, Chickpeas (11%), Onion (9%), Rapeseed Oil, Tomato Paste, Grilled Yellow Peppers, Grilled Red Peppers, Sugar, Garam Masala (Coriander, Cumin, Black Pepper, Dill, Cinnamon, Ginger, Clove), Salt, Lemon Juice From Concentrate (Water, Concentrated Lemon Juice, Preservative (potassium metabisulphite)), Ground Cumin, Pureed Red Chilli, Coriander Leaf, Ground Coriander, Ground Cinnamon, Paprika, Ground Ginger, Garlic Powder, Ground Turmeric, Black Pepper. Yellow Rice Contains Rice, Turmeric, Dehydrated Onion, Chives, Salt. Bombay Potatoes contain Sauté Potato (Potato, Sunflower Oil, Dextrose), Onion, Ground Chilli Powder, Ground Turmeric, Salt, Ground Cumin.


potassium metabisulphite


This meal contributes to the food program A Meal for A Meal – for every meal sold of this product sold, a meal is donated to a school child in Africa. Visit the A Meal for A Meals website for more information on how to contribute by purchasing this dish.